Yeah finally our Perth trip is here! Do check out our 3 travelogue video in this blog 🙂

We Scoot there arriving Perth at about 5pm+, collected our rented Kia carnival car for the next 7 days. And it was a good car!

So we drove off to look for a place for dinner then to the 24 hours supermarket near airport -Rise supermarket. I was smart to walk further down the street to check out if there’s any restaurant and was so happy this Chinese restaurant is opened still at 7-8+pm.

After dinner went to Rise supermarket, and I was v blessed to find milk bottles! Because this sotong mummy left their milk bottles in the steriliser in spore! We also bought food to last us for the next 1-2 days.

And checked in to our first accommodation – Gumleaf Cottage. It was a good choice and we will definitely come back again! The boys love the cottage with the black friendly dog Tex, sandy playground smacked right infront of the cottage, bicycles parked outside the cottage, trampoline behind the cottage and farm animals to feed, I tell u even I myself love this stay.

Next day Sunday when the boys’ daddy was out for wedding shoot, my parents and boys spent half the day in the farm feeding farm animals, tractor ride , pony rides, etc. The farmer owner is a v warm and friendly loving lady. Very VIP treatment given to my family.

After that we drove down the street for some sight seeing and some groceries shopping before going back cottage to cook dinner.

Next day Mon after having breakfast in the cottage it was time to check out. We drove to busselton and had a few hours stop there before Margaret river.

It was raining when we reached busselton so we waited for the rain to stop in the car and saw guess what we saw rainbow! We walked around taking some videos and photos and had a nice dinner at the altitude restaurant.

By the time we were driving to sunflower farm house it was pitch dark. We had a missed turn and finally got to our destination with no street lights! Checked in! Andrius then kept saying he missed cottage because there are no toys!

Tues morning definitely was a farm animals feeding day. We took a bucket of food and walked around in the farm feeding animals.

Went to Berry farm for lunch, chocolate factory then rushed back to sunflower farm for the tractor ride at 4pm. Tractor ride is only on tues, thurs, sat and sun so we were so excited that we can ride it this year as me and Adrian missed tractor ride on our trip here 7 years ago. Tractor ride was Super cold.

Gained some experience with toy boat speeding. Back to Farmhouse and we drove out again to Supermarket to get some laundry detergent to wash our clothes!

Wed morning, after breakfast and feeding animals it’s time to check out! We went to Cowaramup to Candy Cow shop which was recommended by the cottage owner. It’s a small town with lots of cows statues. We had hot puffs with coffee and hot chocolate for kids at a pastry bakery shop.

Continued our drive up back to Perth apartment, we had a stop break for lunch having roasted chicken for them and I took away a McDonald’s burger set for myself to eat in car as I need to settle the kids first before myself.

Finally found our seashells Scarborough apartment and the best part is the view and supermarket is just beside it! So of course we went supermarket to buy food and groceries again and checked in!

Thurs morning after breakfast at apartment, we drove to Bennett brook railway for train ride and there’s a transport museum there that was free entry.

Frankly there’s nothing much to see during the ride, so we alighted after the first round. The ticket entitled us for a unlimited ride from 11-1pm. Drove around and finally had McDonald’s for lunch. Not sure why but the nuggets there tasted better than our local nuggets. The kids had some play time at McDonald’s playground.

After lunch we continued our itinerary to ‘pick your own strawberries’ at Bullsbrook. It was a very fulfilling trip as both my parents and kids enjoyed themselves plucking strawberries straight out from plants. It’s $10 per box and entry fees apply.

It was already almost 4pm when we came out from strawberry farm. We quickly drove to Mondo nougat to get some nougats for families and friends. My mum especially requested to get some nougats back spore and no regrets I researched and got to know about this place. Ney been driving us Everyday and we reached there 4.50pm, 10 minutes before store closes. It was the best nougats I’ve eaten. It’s soft nougats not hard! I should have bought more!