It is never a bad time for a wedding. Weddings can be described as the ultimate day of love. It is probably the greatest show of love and dedication from one person to another. To help everyone remember this precious day, a lot of photos are usually taken. However, there is yet another album of pictures that are taken even before the wedding ceremony begins. They are called pre-wedding pictures.

Pre-wedding photos are simply a wonderful way of remembering one of the most amazing moments in your life. That is why choosing a suitable location for your pre-wedding shoot cannot be over-emphasized. Florence which is the capital of Tuscany would be perfect for pre-wedding shoots


The city of Florence which is found in the historical city of Italy is known to be a city which simply draws people to it due to its charm and traces of history all around it. It is quite popular for its roofs which are terracotta in nature, its beautifully designed courtyards and so much more. Florence is a city where you can find the various locations which would fit perfectly with your plans photo shoots you want to take.

For couples who are looking for places where they can take their pre-wedding photos, the city of Florence is a wonderful option for them. This is due to the fact that it offers you the best of romance and history which would leave you feeling like you are part of this wonderful city.


Location is everything when taking a picture. This is due to the fact that location can make a photo which is just average to look just much better while a really good photo could be ruined by a terrible location. This is especially true with pre-wedding photos. Hence the need to evaluate the location of the pre-wedding shoots very closely

The city of Florence provides many locations in which you can use when trying to shoot some photos. These locations include;

    THE FIUME ARNO: this is the Italian name for the river Arno. This river is right in the center of Florence and can give you a good view of the entire city when you decide to take a ride on it. This means that you would be treated to the most amazing views in the city all at a glance. You can imagine how beautiful this place would look when the sun decides to set. If this is not the perfect place for a pre-wedding shoot, then nothing can be! Couples who wish to have an amazing memory linked to their pre-wedding shoots would definitely achieve by creating the most memorable pictures when floating peacefully in the river Arno.

    THE PIAZZA MICHELANGELO: this piazza is quite the star attraction. This can be said due to the fact that it attracts thousands of tourists every year. However, this place is perfect for those wonderful pre-wedding shoots. This location gives you a sensational view of the city. This due to the fact that when you are in the piazza, you get a look at the city of Florence from a skyline perspective which is simply breathtaking. It is usually quite amazing during the sunset period. This would be a lovely time to take your pre-wedding shoots.

    THE PONTE SANTA TRINITA: it is undoubtedly true that one of the most popular bridges in the city of Florence is the Ponte Vecchio. For this reason, it attracts a lot of tourists every year. As much as it is beautiful, the Ponte Santa Trinita is yet another bridge which would make your heart melt at the amazing qualities of creation and nature in general. Having a pre-wedding shoot at sunset could be all you need to have a most memorable day in your life come into existence.

    THE MERCATO DELLE PULCI: if you are an antique fan and you want to find a suitable location for the pre-wedding shoot, then the Mercato Delle Pulci would be just perfect for you. This location is situated near an antique market where you can get as much collectibles as you want. This is what usually makes this place such a wonderful place to take photographs. Right in the middle of everything old, you could yet find the inspiration for any photo you want to take. This is what makes this location a nice place for pre-wedding shoots.


Pre-wedding photos are something every soon to be married couple look forward to. For this reason, they would really want it to be special and classic. The city of Florence is indeed special and classic. You would find out that in choosing the city of Florence, you are also choosing to make your pre-wedding shoots one that will stay with you forever. For more information, please visit www.luvescape.com