Hallstatt is a beautiful small alpine village located in the state, Upper Austria. This rather tiny village is part of the Salzkammergut/Dachstein Cultural Landscape. This landscape is one of the many Austrian world heritage sites. The village is so small that it doesn’t even have a population of up to a thousand people. It lies between the slopes of the Dachstein massif and the southwestern shores of Lake Hallstatt.

The village of Hallstatt is very much known for its production of salt which dates as far back as prehistoric times. Historically, this tiny alpine village was very wealthy because salt was a valuable resource. The worlds first ever known salt mine which was named Salzwelten is located above downtown Hallstatt. It is not surprising they the name of the village is gotten from the Celtic word ‘hall’ which means ‘salt’. A few years ago, a copy of the Hallstatt village was created in Guangdong, a Chinese province. The fact that the property cost of Hallstatt is actually lower than its newly built copy is very ridiculous.

Hallstatt, however, has become a tourist destination and is so small that a tourist can tour the whole village in about ten minutes. Every year, tourists come to Austria to view the incredible beauty of the gingerbread houses located on the shores of the beautiful landscape. This city is so popular that the houses of salt miners were destroyed so as to build hotels for tourists who come visiting. Hallstatt’s beautiful landscape, blue lakes, and mountains make Hallstatt a wonderful tourist attraction. More importantly, Hallstatt is a suitable place for pre-wedding photoshoots.


Hallstatt is a perfect location for people who love the beauty and the grandeur of nature, as well as how the results of human labor blend harmoniously. For such couples, there are several breathtaking locations available to take a pre-wedding shoot. From the stunning blue lakes to the beautiful mountains and landscape, couples have the opportunity to take photoshoots that harmonize with nature. The evenings also come with its beauty as the sun sets, creating a colorful environment which is also perfect for wedding photo shoots.

Couples who visit Hallstatt, apart from the purpose of taking a pre-wedding photoshoot, can also use that opportunity to spend some time touring the village to observe and enjoy its beautiful scenery. You can also decide to pay a visit to this beautiful village to see if the location is one that’s suitable for you.


There are several marvelous locations available for couples to take their pre-wedding photo shoot in Hallstatt. Let us take a look at some of these amazing places:

  • The Hallstatter See

The Hallstatter see, because of it’s scenery, is one location that is has drawn many enthusiasts, artists, and people who just want some peace and quiet. This beautiful lake in the Salzkammergut region, in terms of its history, is the most significant lake in Hallstatt. The lake is surrounded by a diverse range of flowers, including very rare species such as the native orchids. This lake is one location that couples would love. It is an excellent place for a pre-wedding photo shoot.

  • Hallstatt’s Old Town and Market Place

The beautiful marketplace is one of the most attractive places in Hallstatt. It is located at the southwest shore of the Hallstatter see. The marketplace is surrounded by traditional houses whose balconies are filled with flowers. Couples would love the view and it can be a great location for breathtaking prewedding photoshoots.

  • Hallstatt Skywalk and Salt World

This is truly the definition of several attractions in one. The Salt World is located above the town on the Salt Mountain. The Skywalk which is some 350 meters above the ground, gives couples the opportunity to observe the wonderful views of the mountain. It contains the longest wooden slide in Europe, which is 64 meters long. The amazing view of the Salt World and its attractions is one several couples would want to harmonize with their prewedding shoot.

  • The Dachstein Salzkammergut and Five Fingers

This beautiful location consists of several mighty peaks which range from about 2000 to 3000 meters in height. The highest peak, the Hoher Dachstein, is measured at 2,995 meters in height. These mountains are quite known for their glaziers such as the Hallstatter glaciers and the Grosse-Gosau. These mountains and glaciers offer amazing views to everyone who cares to visit and could be a beautiful place to take prewedding shoots.

  • The Altausseer See

The Altausseer See is located some few kilometers away from Hallstatt, in the village Aussee. It is another good location for breathtaking prewedding photoshoots for couples.

Hallstatt holds several awesome locations for prewedding photo shoots. If you are looking for the perfect location for a pre-wedding photoshoot that harmonizes with a breathtaking display of nature, then the small Hallstatt village would be a perfect destination.