Mont Saint Michel Pre-Wedding

There are so many islands in the world, with their unique features, and among the numerous islands is the Le Mont Saint Michel located in Normandy, France. The island is listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites because of its cultural values. The small island which spans 240 acres has a lot of history and is one of France’s most beautiful places.

Are you in France and planning a memorable pre-wedding photo session? Then you should add the island of Mont Saint Michel to your possible locations, as the serene island has a couple of scenic spots that will make the pre-wedding photo shoot a very beautiful one. Here are some places on the island that are perfect spots for pre-wedding photo shoots:

• Eglise Paroissiale Saint-Pierre

A quiet chapel you will find on the way to the abbey. This chapel which is located about halfway to the abbey is one with a lot of quiet, coupled with the fact that the objects found in the chapel will give your pre-wedding photo shoots some sacred and tranquil feel to it. There are a lot of small details within the chapel that you should pay attention to. After enjoying the peaceful scene of the Eglise Paroissiale Saint-Pierre chapel, it is time to move up to another beautiful part of the island, which is the Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel. Another side attraction to look out for is the amazing statue of St. Michael, an added prop to the already tranquil pre-wedding photo shoot.

• Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel

This is usually a favorite spot for visitors to the island, as there are a lot of beautiful things to see at the Abbey. The courtyard in its entire ancient splendor, the great halls with their ornamental designs and the corridors are not left out of the beautiful edifice. All of that coupled with the awesome views make the Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel a good spot to take your pre-wedding photo shoots.

• Barrage sur le Couesnon

It may come as a surprise to know that there is a dam on this small island, the Barrage sur le Couesnon is one dam with awesome views. The dam has two tiers, and they are separated by stair chairs making it a cool spot with an amazing set suitable for nice pre-wedding photo shoots, as the dam itself is impressive with its unique metal and concrete architecture.

• Porte de l’Avancee / La Porte du Roy / Porte du Boulevard

While visiting Mont Saint Michel, it is impossible to miss the beautiful gateways. The Porte de l’Avancee is a gateway in the form of a stone brick door, La Porte du Roy is a beautiful arch-tunnel that also has a portcullis, while Porte du Boulevard is a magnificent archway. Setting a pre-wedding photo shoot against any of these gateways as backdrops will give the photographs an 8th-century air, thus making the picture a cross between ancient architecture and the modern couple. Allow yourself to bask in the beauty of these “portals” as they transport you through time and space to a time when such beautiful pieces of architecture.

• La Grande Rue

Perhaps you want to set this pre-wedding photo shoot session against the backdrop of nice cafes and little shops, then the La Grande Rue is just the right place for such photography, as the street looks like something out of a fairytale. The best time to enjoy the scene here is in the evening when the influx of tourists has reduced; hence it is advised to visit off-season if you intend to capture the streets stunning beauty in your photography.

• La Chappelle Saint Aubert

This is another hidden beauty of the tiny island, this quiet chapel has some really beautiful paintings inside it that tell different stories about the early occupants of the island. There is a calm and serene feel about the chapel. There is a great view of the sea, and the view gets even better when the tides are high, however, caution should be applied, as the normally quiet and serene place can become unsafe when the winds become as high as the tide. It still remains a cool spot to take different pre-wedding shoots.

The Mont Saint Michel island is indeed a beautiful island to visit for relaxation and pre-wedding photo shoots, as the island commune is unique with its amazing features and picturesque 8th century feel. The idea of pre-wedding photo shoots is to create frozen but beautiful memories, and the beautiful island of Mont Saint Michel is a very good location that will give your pre-wedding photographs the unforgettable and beautiful memories they deserve, with its breathtaking aesthetics, ancient architecture, and an awesome landscape. It is, however, important to take weather into cognizance while planning. For more information, please visit