Weddings are the most amazing times for two people who are totally besotted with one another. It is also generally a wonderful time for all friends and family. It is most certainly a season of love. What better way to observe this wonderful occasion than to do your pre-wedding shoots in Paris?

Paris, which is considered to be the city of love is located in France. Paris comes with a long history attached to its development. It is a city which has so many points of attractions. To put it simply, Paris is just a beautiful place to fall in love with your soul mate. It is equally a perfect place to share the memories which would likely stay with both of you for the rest of your life. One such memory is definitely the pre-wedding photo.


As earlier stated, Paris is a city which is simply glowing with love. This is made even more brilliant by each attraction sites. You can expect a truckload of locations where you would have a lovely pre-wedding shoot without a lot of stress. Every year, tourists stream into Paris for sight-seeing. This may make it seem like all the locations are taken by a lot of tourists. However, there are still so many spots which are perfect for photos. This is due to the fact that France’s building structures are exquisite and practically almost everywhere would still give you a wonderful shoot.

Couples who are looking for somewhere with a lot of history and romance attached to it will find Paris to be quite exciting. The lure of taking a pre-wedding shoot can only get higher with how popular the city is itself.


When couples choose to do their pre-wedding shoots in Paris, they would quickly realize they are spoilt with options as to where they can take their shots. This can be quite confusing. However, knowing what each location offers would go a long way in helping you decide which location to choose. The locations would most likely include;

    TROCADERO: if you are on a search for a suitable place, then you should consider checking out Trocadero. This location is known for the sale of trinkets. This sales attracts many tourists from around the world and is quite popular. This location is also blessed with beautiful scenery during sunrise and sunsets. You would simply be blown away by the beauty of this place when you take it all in early in the morning or during sunsets. Fortunately, this place is close to the most famous Eiffel tower. Imagine taking you pre-wedding shoot just as the sun starts to set. What you would get is a picture which you would never forget. This is definitely why Trocadero is one place which couples should consider.

    LOUVRE COURTYARD: when you are at the Louvre courtyard, you would understand why it is so special. With the Eiffel Tower positioned beautifully in the distance, this louvre courtyard is a sight to behold at any point of the day. However, if you want to see the best of this location, you should target just before sunrise or in the evening after the sun sets. Couples which want a wonderful photoshoot would be delighted at the features of this location. If you are scared of tourists ruining your pre-wedding photo shoot, then you should try to target Tuesdays due to the fact that the museum is often close. Thus, the number of tourists would drastically reduce making it the perfect time for your photo shoot.

    TUILLERIES GARDEN: if you are looking for a location which would present beautiful backdrops to your pictures, then Tuilleries garden is what you have been searching for! Tuilleries garden is at its best during early evening time or late afternoon. This is due to the fact that during this period, a little light would find its way into the garden by way of one of the Louvre buildings which are situated close by. It is always very beautiful in the morning periods. If you wish to use this location as your pre-wedding shoot, then the best time to come would be in the morning hours before the large burst of tourists come. You would have the chance to find a suitable area due to the reduced number of tourists around. There is no doubt that the Tuileries garden would offer a wonderful chance to make your pre-wedding shoot a memorable one.


There is nothing more positive than finding love with the right person and finally walking down the aisle. It is simply a dream which many crave. There is absolutely no better way to crown it off than by doing your pre-wedding shoot in the city of love, PARIS. For more information, please visit