The city of Perth is found in the state of Western Australia. In addition to it being the capital of Western Australia, Perth is also the largest city in the state. It is also one of the most populous cities in Australia with a population of over two million inhabitants. In fact, in the whole of Australia, the city of Perth is the fourth most populous city. It was once listed as one of the livable cities in the world.

Perth is the sunniest capital city in Australia with an average sunshine of 8.8 hours every day. Winters in Perth are usually mild and wet, with moderate rainfall. Summers in Perth are usually hot and dry, with the city being the hottest in the month of February.

Tourism is a very important part of Perth’s economy as both domestic and international visitors flock in year after year. Estimates show that every year, millions of people come to Perth to visit and to see its architectural heritage which has been preserved over the years. Tourists attractions in Perth are usually focused on the coasts, the Awan River, and the city center, Freemantle. In addition to this, there are a lot of museums spread across the city of Perth. The Perth zoo which is found in South Perth is home to a variety of exotic animals and Australian animals. Perth houses the worlds largest aquarium in Australia, home to marine animals that live on the western coast of Australia. The northern part if Perth is home to so many beaches and the Marmion Marine Park. This park is a protected area is a home to Australian sea lions, tropical fishes, humpback whales and the bottlenose dolphins.


The Perth city is one of the best places for couples to capture their pre-wedding photo shoot. The beaches which provide a stunning view of the sunset, the parks, and the wineries are many reasons why you and your partner should go to Perth for your pre-wedding photo shoot.



Kings Park is one of the best locations for couples to shoot their pre-wedding pictures. It is known for its variety of flowers, plants, and trees. The park gives people the opportunity to observe the breathtaking view of the Perth city. For couples who are nature lovers and would want a background that reflects the natural moments they share together, Kings Park is a perfect location. The view of the Kings Park at night is simply spectacular.


This park is also another location that offers a wonderful view for couples. In this park is an artificial waterfall which you can use for your pre-wedding photo shoots. The wooden trellis in this park is another good spot for pre-wedding shoots for couples. They would definitely love the appeal of the John Oldham Park.


The Hyde Park is simply one of the most beautiful parks in Perth. From the giant trees to sunlight, to the scenery, Hyde Park provides couples the opportunity to take pre-wedding photo shoots that are simply amazing.  The park, however, changes its look as seasons change. So if you prefer the views of the trees during autumn where most of the leaves have been shed, in the summer or in the winter, time your photo shoot to get the look you desire.  One of the appealing features of the Hyde Park is its giant row of trees that curve around the park.


The Hillarys is another perfect location for couples to capture their pre-wedding photo shoot. From the gentle breeze from the waves to the beautiful sunlight, the Hillarys is everything a photoshoot should be about. Capture moments with your partner as the sun sets in the Hillarys, with orange and dark red hues that give the sea and sky a deep red color. Another location is the tower which gives you a breathtaking view of the beach from above.


The burns beach is yet another wonderful location. It offers an amazing few of the beach. The rocky shores of the burns beach make it a unique location for a pre-wedding photo shoot. Taking photo shoots in the burns beach under the sunset provides a beauty that is reflected in the pictures.


Whether in the daytime or at night time, the South Perth riverside is an excellent spot to create amazing moments with your partner. The jetties provide a background that captures the sky and the riverside. One of the best places to take pictures is the South Perth foreshore which provides a beautiful view of the city’s skyline.


The lush green vineyards of the Sitella winery make it a good choice for couples to take their pre-wedding photos. This winery has a magnificent rotunda which is a perfect spot for taking marvelous pictures.

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