Prague Pre-Wedding

Prague is a beautiful spot both for couples and for photographers, as there are so many locations to take breathtaking pre-wedding photographs. While the city has many beautiful parks and gardens, it is important to note that most of these places are usually closed when winter comes, and that is between 1st November and 1st April. Noting the time and best season to visit is important if you want the best for the photos. Here are some interesting places to visit in Prague, suitable for awesome pre-wedding photographs:

• Strelecky Island

This island has a beautiful landscape, and is not a popular tourist spot because it is away from their routes. From here, you can enjoy the magnificence of the Charles Bridge, the water, and the national theater. Various elements combine together to make this island a very beautiful spot for pre-wedding photo shoots. There is no select time when you can visit, as the place is always good for photographs at any time of the day.

• The Charles Bridge

This is a favorite spot for photographers, and the reason is not farfetched, as there is some beauty surrounding this remarkable landmark. The backdrop of ancient styled architecture against the blue sky serves to make pre-wedding photographs look like something from a beautifully illustrated storybook. Because photographers and wedding couples love the splendor of this place, it is rarely empty. For the most beautiful pre-wedding photos, plan the shots for dawn or dusk.

• Letna Park

Do you want an awesome panoramic view of Prague? Then the Letna Park should be added to your list of spots for pre-wedding photo sessions. This outlying park is just magnificent and will give your pre-wedding shots that fairytale wedding theme that would leave anyone awestruck. It is not a usual spot for tourist, so you can use the spot for the pre-wedding photo shoot, any time of the day.

• Hastal District

Hastal District is a very good spot if you want to be away from the tourists flocking the popular tourist routes. This place gives you a lovely backdrop of ancient Prague buildings with their picturesque magnificence and splendor. Because it is not a usual spot for tourists, you can enjoy the quietness of this beautiful area for your pre-wedding shots any time of the day.

• Old Town Area

This is an area filled with various types of streets, theatres, markets, arches, and churches. The beauty from the alleys, buildings, yards, etc. all contribute to making your pre-wedding photo shots not just beautiful, but with awesome memories. The Old town area with its ancient styled architectural structures is always a good spot for pre-wedding photographs, but for some extra splendor you should try taking shots at sunset.

• Kampa Island

Also referred to as Prague’s Venice, this beautiful island gives you a very beautiful view of the Charles Bridge, and a combination of the picturesque landscape is sure to make pre-wedding photo shoots a beautiful experience for the couples and the photographers. If you intend to get the most out of the beauty of this location, then the best time for awesome pre-wedding shots should be at sunset, as sun casts its beautiful glow in the skies.

• Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter is another interesting and beautiful place to plan a pre-wedding shoot, as the area is resplendent in splendor. For the best picturesque experience, you should add Parizska Street to the list of spots in Prague where you can take beautiful pictures. The street is filled with magnificent buildings and lovely storefronts. There is no set time for taking photographs here, as the area is always beautiful at any time of the day.

• Old Town Square

Imagine having the sun rise behind the backdrop of the tower and astronomical clock. That is one of the beautiful reasons to have a pre-wedding photo shoot in this location, as the photographs always come out magical. It is important to note that this area starts getting really busy with people from 8 am, hence, if you intend to use this location, then you should have the pre-wedding photo shoot session planned for dawn, when the sun is rising and people are still indoor.

• Vojan Gardens

This is one of the many beautiful gardens in Prague. Vojan garden is a park with splendor, as it features trees that bloom in spring, a pond and peacocks. Any time of the day is good to take your shots.

There are so many other beautiful places in Prague that are perfect for pre-wedding photo shoots, and the few mentioned above are just a few of them. When planning your photo shoots, it is imperative that you make findings to know the best times to go there for photo sessions. For more information, please visit