Wedding Bells! What a Greta moment for everyone which is involved in the celebrations. Weddings are normally occasions for celebrating with two people who finally made the decision to spend the rest of their lives together. However, with weddings come to a lot of preparations. What usually happens during the initial stage of any wedding preparation is the pre-wedding shoot.

As a couple, you would most likely have a great interest in how well your pre-wedding shoots would turn out. One of your concerns would most likely be about where the pre-wedding shoots should take place. If you have made up your mind that you would take these shoots in Greece, then you should consider taking them in Santorini.


Santorini is one of the numerous islands which is located in Greece. However, this is not just an island. Most people consider this island to be the star of all islands located in Greece. This is due to the fact that Santorini is one of the beautiful places in Europe. It is known for its beautiful scenery and beautiful beaches. If you are looking for a good holiday destination, then this place would be perfect for you. Combined with tasty local foods, this place is simply perfect for any visitor which stumbles upon it.

Santorini is widely known for its amazing hotels which are spread all around this island and its buildings which are mostly painted white. This is due to the fact that these buildings are striking for their beauty and design. For all lovers of nature, this would be a perfect place to visit. Santorini has the most amazing sunrise and sunsets you can find in Europe. You could stay by the seashore and watch the sunset at your leisure. It is of no wonder then why this place is usually considered to be perfect for pre-wedding shoots. Couples would certainly fall in love with the different scenery would be delighted to have a wide choice of options to choose from when deciding where to shoot their pre-wedding photos.


There are a lot of places which would give you a lovely pre-wedding shoot. Some of these places would naturally include;

    OIA: Santorini is made up of villages which altogether forms the island. One of the more popular villages among tourists is OIA. This village is a perfect place to take your pre-wedding shoots. One place which couples can consider is the blue domed place of worship located before you get to Patisserie Medievio. Because OIA is a small village, you would more like to see streets which are devoid of people. This is a wonderful place to take a picture, especially during sunsets. You can be assured that your shoots would look more romantic as the glows for the sunset combines with the images to create a simply beautiful photo

    AMOUDI BAY: another great place to take a picture is in Amoudi Bay. This refers to a port which resides just before the village of OIA. The ports are most times filled with wooden boats which floats all over the sea.  Close to Amoudi beach, you would also find a hidden beach which is an attraction site for most tourists and local residents. If at lost at to where to hold your pre-wedding shoots, then taking photo shoots in front of wooden boats or inside a wooden boat in the middle of a sunset would just be perfect and heartwarming. It would be just perfect for your wedding arrangements

    WHITE BEACH: this is another location which would be perfect for a pre-wedding shoot. This is one arguably the most beautiful beach which is situated in Santorini. Another unique thing about this beach is its historical value. This beach has existed for such a long time and is rather symbolic. When you observe the rock you would see marks which have been left by years of continuous tides. This beach simply smells of rich history and beauty. It is also blessed with perfect scenery which makes this beach quite remarkable. There is no doubt that romance is historical in nature. What better way to get your pre-wedding shoot done than in a place where history and sweet romance can meet to create a sensational experience.

    HOTELS IN CAVES: one thing which is popular in this island are the cave hotels. These cave hotels have the most amazing views. This cave hotels are really just amazing and can be found in the various villages which make up Santorini. You can sure that any pre-wedding photos taken in these hotels would turn out just perfect!


Pre-wedding photos can be quite romantic and if done the right way would set the tone for a wonderful marriage altogether. You can be confident that Santorini would be perfect for your pre-wedding shoots. For more information, please visit