A wedding is a very exciting time especially for the couple who is tying the knot. It is a memory which they would never want to forget. One good way to store those memories is through photos taken. For this reason, many couples take a lot of photos which involves pre-wedding photos and shoots.

Pre-wedding shoots can be a wonderful teaser in anticipation of the wedding. That is why choosing a good location is vital. There are not many locations which beat the city of Venice when it comes to pre-wedding photos.

Venice occupies a large part of the mainland in Italy. It is a buzzing city with many places of attraction. This is the place talked about in Shakespeare’s famous book “the merchant of Venice” a lot of pre-wedding shoots are taken in Venice every year.


There is no doubt that the mere thought of Venice screams romance. Venice is really a beautiful city with canals and bridges which are wonderfully designed. The history of Italy cannot be complete with Venice. The reasons why most couples should choose Venice for their pre-wedding photos are quite endless. However, we shall consider just a few;

    Venice is simply a wonderful place. The beauty of the city can be seen in ever canal you pass or in the smell of the local food. It can be felt even in the way their building is structured.

    The scenery in general in Venice is simply a delight to hold. This is important due to the fact that pre-wedding shoots are mostly about the scenery and how it melts perfectly in the picture.

    Venice is a romantic city. A pre-wedding shoot is founded on the basis of romance and unending love. What would be more satisfying than combining the true to get a truly memorable experience?

If a couple is looking for a location full of history and past stories of breathtaking romance, then Venice is perfect for that couple. This city just never disappoints.


There are a lot of locations which would give you a lovely shoot. It all depends on the type of scenery which you would like. These locations would most likely include;

    PALAZZO DUCALE: Doge’s place which is the English name is a historical museum in Venice. Even though taking photos inside the museum is prohibited, the exterior walls and building may for quite a scenery when it comes to pre-wedding shoots. You can always get your pre-wedding shots looking beautiful when you choose this location.

    FLORIAN CAFFE: this popular and historical café was first founded in 1720 in the city of Venice (I told you this city is historical). This café is just a café. It is the oldest café in the history of man. It is also a wonderful place to have dinner with your significant other. This means that after or before taking your pre-wedding shoots, you can take a break and have dinner or a cup of coffee with your spouse to be. It is perfect for pre-wedding shoots.

    THE GONDOLA RIDE: this ride is very famous in Venice. When you a gondola ride, you have a chance to see all the beautiful parts of this wonderful city. You have the option of taking a short ride or a much longer ride. You could take a ride and in the middle of a beautiful scenery, you could take your pre-wedding shoot. I have absolutely no doubt that it would turn out to be just amazing for you.

    THE BELL TOWER: this bell tower is situated in saint mark and its original purpose was to serve as a lighthouse which would shine outwards in order to help persons who were trying to find their way in the lagoon situation close by. This bell tower would perfect for your pre-wedding shoot when used as an anchor for all your pictures.

    THE SAINT MARK’S BASILICA: this is yet another great spot for pre-wedding photos. However, you might encounter some problems with this location due to the fact it is an awful busy area in the city of Venice. You can get a breather with this place. It is busy throughout the year, so carving a space for pre-wedding shoots might be a bit challenging. However, this does not take away the point that it is an excellent place to take your pre-wedding shoots if you can find a way to cope with the crowd.

Weddings are really unforgettable moments in a person’s life especially when it is long lasting. Therefore, you should make your wedding as amazing as you can. What better to achieve this goal by having your pre-wedding photos in the beautiful city of Venice? For more information, please visit